Them: The National Gallery, London

The story of European art, masterpiece by masterpiece.

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Caravaggio Online - ArtCyclopedia Caravaggio [Italian Baroque Era Painter, ca.1571-1610] Guide to pictures of works by Caravaggio in art museum sites and image archives worldwide.

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Death of John - The Text This Week - Textweek Links to images of Salome/Herod/ the Death of John the Baptist Matthew 14:1-12; Mark 6:14-29; Luke 9:7-9

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LaChapelle Studio - About Upcoming / Current Exhibitions LaChapelle: Good News For Modern Man, Groninger Museum, Groningen, Netherlands, April 21 - October 28 Michael Jackson On the Wall.

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LACMA | Los Angeles County Museum of Art LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). Largest art museum in the West inspires creativity and dialogue. Connect with cultures from ancient times to the present.

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Web Gallery of Art, searchable fine arts image database The Web Gallery of Art is a searchable database of European fine arts and architecture (3rd-19th centuries), currently containing over 46.000 reproductions.